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Sandeep Yadav, MBA

Sandeep Yadav, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Sandeep Yadav has joined GT Medical Technologies as Chief Financial Officer. With over two decades of experience in finance, data analytics, operations, and strategic leadership, Sandeep is a dynamic executive known for driving significant growth and operational excellence.

Throughout his career, Sandeep has demonstrated a remarkable ability to lead cross-functional teams across healthcare, medical devices, pharma, and financial services. He has successfully raised over $300 million in capital and managed $2 billion in M&A and financing transactions. Sandeep’s expertise in reducing operating costs, improving financial systems, and preparing companies for IPOs and sales has been instrumental in achieving impressive financial outcomes.

Before joining GT Medical Technologies, Sandeep held senior roles at CardioMEMS, Qardio, Profusa, and Cardian, where he led transformative initiatives, including implementing advanced data analytics, enhancing accounting systems, and securing significant investments. 

Sandeep holds an MBA from Emory University and a bachelor’s degree in finance from Auburn University. His leadership and strategic vision continue to drive GT Medical Technologies towards achieving its ambitious goals and enhancing shareholder value.