About Us

Per Langoe

Chief Executive Officer

With a unique blend of visionary leadership and artistic insight, Per Langoe defines success beyond cutting-edge products.  It’s about fostering a culture of innovation, nurturing our people, and refining our process to break down barriers.   He believes that by comprehensively assessing the landscape of life sciences, identifying the issues and roadblocks impeding patient success, and innovating solutions to surmount those barriers, we can truly make a difference.   

Mr. Langoe brings more than 20 years of experience successfully managing commercial, clinical, M&A, and other functions at MedTech companies such as Parmacia Corporation, Q-Med, Galderma and Nestlé Skin Health. 

Most recently, Mr. Langoe was the co-founder, President and CEO of Palette Life Sciences, a fully integrated global life sciences company dedicated to improving patient outcomes.  Under Per’s leadership, the Palette team successfully designed and navigated a complex randomized controlled trial and subsequent regulatory approval process. Following product approval, the company commercialized the product to a multi-disciplinary set of clinicians, with particular emphasis on radiation oncologists, and the product’s rapid adoption led to the company’s acquisition by Teleflex in 2023 

As an avid art collector, Per has seen many beautiful things, but one image stays with him. In his early days, working with an intraocular eye lens company he interviewed a patient in her mid 80s who cried tears of joy because she could now actually see her grandchildren again. Profound patient experiences like this is what propels Per’s commitment to advance the mission of improving the lives of patients with brain tumor at GT Medical Technologies.

Per received an MSc in Business Studies and Economics with a major in Business Studies, and a BSc in Business Administration and Economics with a major in International Business Studies, from Uppsala University in Sweden.